Top 4 Best Smart Keyless Door Lock for Father's Day

durch moumomen auf June 22, 2021

Father's Day is around the corner. Have you prepared a gift for your dear father? Your father has made a significant contribution to the family, and he certainly brings you much security. On this special holiday, you should pick a gift full of heart for your father! How to choose a gift? The smart keyless door lock is a good choice. Let us take a closer look at the smart keyless door lock together.

What is a Google smart lock?

Compared with ordinary locks, Google smart lock allows you to open/close the lock quickly and has high security and convenience. Google Smart Lock gives you more control over when and where you have to lock/unlock your device. Besides, Google smart lock enables you to use location services to allocate specific areas where you feel comfortable having your phone stay in unlocked mode. As a smart device, Google smart lock is popular with the public. Smonet smart lock can be connected with Google or Alexa to achieve more intelligent operations.

How safe are smart door locks?

When it comes to a keyless smart lock, many people will raise their doubts. They will ask: "Are smart locks safe?" When new smart devices appear on the market, people often have such concerns. But you can rest assured that, compared to traditional locks, smart keyless door locks are very safe.

The keyless smart lock has various unlocking methods, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to bring your key when you go out. You can also change the unlock code at any time. In addition, Smonet smart lock has an automatic door lock function, so don't worry about forgetting to lock the door when going out. When you don't want anyone to enter your house, you can use the deadlock function.

Four best Smonet smart locks for Father's Day

Do you know how to choose a smart keyless door lock? Want a smart keyless door lock to look good? Want a smart keyless door lock of high quality? Smonet door lock is a choice you can't ignore. Smonet door lock has various types, styles, and high quality, which can meet your requirements. The following are four Smonet door locks that users generally welcome. You can choose the best Father's Day gift for your father.

Smonet ZNS-H001

gifts for father's day 2021

It is a reversible touchscreen keypad lock. You can open this smart keyless door lock through a smartphone app, fingerprint, passcode, Bluetooth, IC card, wifi Gateway, or mechanical keys. Our keyless smart lock works with Alexa and Apple Watch so that you don't have to worry about forgetting your door key.

Smonet SMUS-AM

gifts for father's day 2021

This wifi door lock provides you with high security. If you worry about your father's home life security, this wifi door lock is a good choice. This wifi door lock will automatically lock for 5 minutes if anyone tries to enter an incorrect passcode over five times. Besides, you can open this wifi door lock with your voice after connecting the smart door lock with the Alexa digital assistant and Google Home.

Smonet SMUS-MD

gifts for father's day 2021

You can control this keyless smart lock with your voice after connecting it to your Alexa device or your home wifi. You can also view the last 500 door openings directly from the app. 

Smonet ZNS-Y001

gifts for father's day 2021

It has five opening methods: TTLock App, keypad, IC card, fingerprint, and mechanical keys. It is more intelligent than the average door lock. And we provide you with a 30-days free return/exchange and a 1-year product warranty.

During Father's day, our smart keyless door locks are on sale. Contact us as soon as possible to choose a beautiful and practical gift for your father!