What is the Best Smart Lock for Front Door

par moumomen sur June 22, 2021

Do you often forget your key when you go out? Are you worried about losing your keys? When you come back from shopping, and your hands are full of things, you find it hard to get the key, right? Do you want to avoid all these inconveniences? The smart keyless door lock is a good solution. Let's learn more about a smart lock for front door.

smart locks safe

What is a Google smart lock?

Google smart lock is an extension of home automation into home security. As a connected device, Google smart lock is considered a part of the internet of things. Google smart lock provides you with a more convenient and safer way to unlock. Compared with ordinary locks, Google smart lock is more intelligent. You can even realize remote control with a keyless smart lock.

How does smart lock work?

Compared with traditional locks, smart lock for front door has more diversified unlocking modes. As the keyless smart lock can work with Alexa and Apple Watch, you don't need to worry about not bringing the door keys with you. Besides, you can connect the Smonet door lock to the TTLock App and give access remotely to your guests, friends, housekeepers, and employees.

Which smart locks work with Alexa?

Connectivity to Alexa gives you the extra convenience of checking the door directly from your bed. You don't need to pause your favorite TV play to check if the door is locked or to open the door for your friends while you are busy. In addition, Smonet smart lock can work with Alexa. If you connect the Smonet door lock to the Alexa app, you can control it through Alexa's smart speaker.

smart locks safe

Are smart locks safe?

Like other "Internet of Things" devices, the smart lock for front door has been questioned. Are smart locks safe? Many people may worry about the security of the keyless smart lock. The keyless smart locks are the newest innovation in home security products. These smart keyless door locks are designed with convenience and safety. Compared with ordinary locks, a smart door lock is safer.

What is the Best Smart Lock for Front Door?

Among many keyless smart locks, the Smonet door lock stands out. We are committed to manufacturing the best smart lock for front door to provide you with the most significant safety and convenience. Our smart lock for front door has many advantages.

Firstly, a smart lock for front door provides you with the most excellent convenience. The keyless smart lock has up to 7 unlocking methods, including passcode, smartphone app, fingerprint, IC card, Wifi Gateway, Bluetooth, and mechanical keys. Furthermore, you can change the unlock password at any time and share the unlock password with your family and friends.

Besides, a smart lock for front door is safe. You can view the door opening records on the APP. You can check who opened your door lock at anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, the performance of smart lock for front doors is not affected by bad weather. In terms of resistance to severe cold, the Smonet smart lock is better than other wifi door locks on the market. The operating temperature range of our smart keyless door lock is - 20 ~ 70 ℃, so you can use it even if the place you live in has low temperatures all year round.

Last but not least, we provide you with a 1-Year Product Warranty, 30-Days Free Exchange/Return, and Lifetime Technical Support. And we promise we will deliver the smart door lock after three days when you place an order.